Computer Class Handouts

Collages, Posters and Slideshows

Learn to do more with Picasa by creating collages, posters and slideshows.

Computer Basics

Gain a basic understanding of the different parts and operation of a computer.  Get some practice opening and closing programs, and using a mouse.

Digital Drawing for Beginners

Learn to draw with a digital sketchpad that uses digital airbrushes, crayons, markers, oils, pencils, and watercolors.

Excel 2007 DIY

Learn more about Excel in an environment that is self-paced, self-guided, and instructor-assisted. Prerequisite: Excel 2007 Basics or equivalent.

Excel 2007 Macros


Learn how macros can automate repetitive tasks in Excel. Covers: how to record, run and save macros; and how to look at the VBA code generated. Requires: Working knowledge of Excel.

Excel 2007 More Basics

This class is a continuation of Excel 2007 Basics.  Topics include AutoFill, formulas and functions.

Facebook Basics Facebook Basics

Discover how Facebook (the world's most popular social media networking website) connects people with friends and family around the world.

iPad for Beginners

Get a basic introduction to the most popular tablet computer.

Computer Handouts logo Picasa Basics

Learn how to use Picasa (a free downloadable program from Google) which lets you organize, edit, and share your photos.

Sharing Photos With Facebook

Learn how to use Facebook to share photos.