Health & Wellness

man doing situps The 2010 Census data indicates that there are roughly about 123,000 people who are 55 and older residing in Arapahoe County, Colorado- Find resources that will help older adults learn about staying fit and healthy.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Provides information on health literacy topics for older adults
Colorado Gerontological Society
Advocates for seniors, families, and aging service specialists.
Family Doctor, Senior Section
Review topics such as Staying Healthy, Caregiving, and Active Living. Search by Symptom and other health tools. Site information available in Spanish.
Health Finder
Free interactive tools to check your physical and mental health and keep track of your progress. Site information available in Spanish.
Billing, appeals, long-term care, apply on line. Everything about medicare.
Medline Plus
Trusted heath information from the National Library of Medicine.
National Institute on Aging: Health and Aging
Resources for older adults and their caregivers including doctor-patient communication, clinical trials, and assistive devices. Includes Health & Aging Organizations Directory.
NIHSenior Health
Designed specifically for older adults seeking health information, this site includes many videos and accessibility options for easier viewing.
RN Central
Variety of health related topics to research
South Suburban Parks and Recreation District
Programs for adults that include fitness, arts, education and family.