Oculus Rift | Demo at Library

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Try out the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift at one of our libraries (check back for dates and times, or call 303-LIBRARY (303-542-7279) for more info), and see for yourself the technology Facebook just paid $2 billion (yes, that’s billion) to buy: http://www.cnet.com/news/facebook-to-buy-oculus-for-2-billion/.

We have the original developer’s version of these virtual reality goggles and YOU can demo them.

Book a Librarian for a one-on-one session with the Oculus Rift. http://arapahoelibraries.org/book-a-librarian

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Oculus Rift

Q: Why does the library invest in technologies such as these?

A: As a resource for the community, the library offers cutting-edge, new technology that may be slightly out of reach as a way to give our patrons a chance to try out technology before buying it, and remain informed. We are also better able to stay up on technology that way, and assist the public in a non-biased way. Unlike a retail store, we have nothing to sell, so we can offer advice and support on a variety of devices. We look at this as an extension of community literacy – technological literacy, which is extremely important in the world we live in.

Q: Can I wear my glasses while using Oculus Rift?

A: No, but there are different lenses available we can insert to correct your vision.

Q: What games do you have available to play?

A: Right now we have demos including a helicopter simulator, roller coasters, a scary maze game, a race car demo and more.

Q: What software/hardware is needed if I were to purchase my own pair?

A: You’ll need a PC or Mac computer with a decent video card (Intel 4000 or higher or a dedicated video card) capable of playing the games you wish to play, that has a VGA/DVI/HDMI output that goes to the Rift.

Q: What exactly is Oculus Rift? What are they used for?

A: The Oculus Rift is an virtual reality head-mounted display for gamers.

Q: Is the resolution as good as it’s going to get?

A: Actually, no. When you look through these, you get a “screen door” effect – a pixilation that makes it seem like you’re looking through a screen door. The version they are working on releasing to the public is a much higher resolution.

Q: I feel a little motion sickness when I have these on, is that normal?

A: Because of the low-resolution, or screen door effect, many people experience a mild sense of motion sickness. I have heard that the version that will be released to the general public – the high-resolution version – alleviates this effect greatly.

Q: Will I be able to go to a library and spend time on Oculus Rift? Can I sign up for it like I do a computer?

A: Sometimes they are available on a drop-in basis. We are working to make them available more consistently.  You can also Book a Librarian to try them out.

Q: Did Facebook purchase the Oculus Rift?

A: Yes, they sure did. For $2 billion. Here’s an article: http://www.cnet.com/news/facebook-to-buy-oculus-for-2-billion/

Q: Is a newer version coming out?

A: Yes, the final developer’s kit is supposed to be released in July. We have a couple on order for our libraries. They have not announced a release for the final version that will be offered to the public.  http://www.cnet.com/news/oculus-rift-dev-kit-2-now-on-sale-for-350/

Q: Does the Oculus Rift have any competitors?

Sony is working on a virtual reality headset called “Project Morpheus.” http://www.theverge.com/2014/3/19/5526730/sony-morpheus-vr-headset-compares-well-to-oculus-rift

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