What is RSS?

Want a quick and easy way of finding the newest library materials?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) gives you the latest content from your favorite websites as an easy-to-read summary in one place. It allows you to access content you want to see without having to visit the site or subscribe to email or a newsletter.

Some browsers will automatically show this information in an easy-to-read format. Others, like Firefox and Chrome, often display error messages or unreadable code. There are numerous ways of receiving your RSS feed. The easiest way is to use an email provider such as Outlook, Yahoo or Google. Some of our Chrome users have expressed satisfaction with RSS Subscription Service. For Firefox, users have been able to view the feeds with Feedly.

Here are instructions to set an RSS feed in typical email providers.

Click any RSS box

If you look at the drop down menu, you can select which reader you would like to use.

After you subscribe to your feed, don't forget to bookmark the reader or make it your homepage. Now your content can come to you!

Want to read your RSS feed on your mobile phone or tablet? You may need to download a reader. Some to consider are Webreader, Feedly and Feeds Anywhere.