Discovering Poets

National Poetry Month has been celebrated since 1996. One of the goals is to highlight the extraordinary legacy and ongoing achievement of American poets. I always enjoy finding out more about writers and how they became poets. We have two good resources to help you discover poets: Biography in Context and Literature Resource Center. Our national Poet Laureate […]

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Beyond the job ad

There are many sites where you can look for job ads, but what can you do to stand out in the job search? Use library resources of course! We have lots of ways to help. Check out our Jobs & Careers page where we gather together many of our online resources. Job and Career Accelerator is great place to […]

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Celebrate the holidays!

December is a holiday month – so many things to celebrate and traditions to learn about.  Holidays like; Christmas, Hanukkah (also often spelled Chanukah), Kwanzaa and Winter Solstice. World Book Online Reference Center and The New Book of Knowledge are great encyclopedias to use to get a general overview of what these holidays celebrate In CultureGrams World Edition you can pick […]

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Check Out Our Writing Resources

November is National Novel Writing Month and whether you actively sign up to write a novel in November or just want to learn more about writing, we have resources to help! Gale Courses has a number of online classes about writing and publishing.  Learn writing essentials, effective editing, writing fiction, writing children’s books, making money […]

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Election 2016 – Let’s find out more!

The election is coming up soon and if you are looking for ways to find information about your national and local candidates and issues the library can help. We have a number of online resources from EBSCO that contain information about the election: Academic Search Complete – a wide variety of articles from newspapers, magazines and news stories about the […]

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Help! Homework is back!

School is back in session and homework is being assigned left and right! I remember how overwhelming it seemed to find all of the resources I needed – and that was before a 1,000,000+ Google results! Luckily if you have homework, or are helping someone with homework, you have a lot of great online resources […]

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Sweet Stuff in August

If you look at national days in August it proves just how much of a sweet tooth we all have.  There are 21 days devoted to sweet treats. Who knew that August 8 is Frozen Custard Day and August 25 is National Banana split day!  If you want to make your own sweet treats use […]

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Scratching Your Travel Itch

I love to travel — short trips, long trips, in the US, outside the US, pretty much any time I can. Luckily I can use many of Arapahoe Libraries' electronic resources to find great places to visit and fun things to do. The library's newest online resource is AtoZ World Travel.Once I have signed in […]

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It’s a New Year!

Ah the new year – resolutions abound!  Many people resolve to get healthy in the new year.  If that is your goal – we can help you find out how.  Here are some great resources: Consumer Health Complete - You can find information on nutrition, exercise,  injury prevention.  All sorts of great tips to make […]

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