Road Trips and Fun DO Mix

You've got them in the car and a long road trip ahead. What to do?! I've collected some easy travel games with limited materials you can do to while away the hours to your destination. Grey House Harbor made this chart to keep from hearing that infamous question, "Are we there yet?" (number 6 in […]

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Taking the Show on the Road

Trains, planes and cars! Oh My! Traveling with children is stressful anytime of the year, but even more so in December. So. Many. People. EVERYWHERE! Children are overstimulated, tired, out of their routine, hungry, thirsty, restless, loud, etc. So how can you make it a little easier on them (and you!)? Here are my favorite […]

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We’re Not Loafing Around

Did we whet your appetite for fresh bread? Here's how you can make it at home! Everyone's favorite site, Buzzfeed, has a whole list of ways to make your bread kawaii (cute). For your child…Yeah…Totally… There's almost no need to not make this almost no-knead bread from Kids Activities Blog. Bread in a bag?! How […]

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Rise and Shine and Make Bread!

Laurieanne, our early literacy trainer, shares why making bread with children is so important. Many of my favorite memories of spending time with my mom include measuring, stirring, kneading, baking, cutting and, best of all, eating BREAD! This was a special time alone with my mom, because I had nine brothers and sisters competing for […]

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App Review: Shake the Tree!

It's giggle time! Kids ages 2 to 4 years will love "Shake the Tree!" by Fox and Sheep. Shake the tree, either with a finger (fine motor skills) or by shaking the device (gross motor skills) and see which animal falls out. Each animal has a different animation and will do silly actions, with a […]

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Playtime *Is* Worktime

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning, but for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” – Fred (Mr.) Rogers Play is one of the five practices we stress in storytime. But why? How does play help our children get ready to read? […]

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