Treats You Don’t Eat

Candy's great, but not every child can indulge. Food sensitivities and allergies can put a damper on trick or treating. I've rounded up some non-food treats for your little ghosties and goblins on Halloween. BUBBLES! Even I get excited when I see bubbles in the treat bag. Finger puppets! They can put on their own […]

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Apples Are STEM to the Core

Get STEMming with Laurie Anne's appley science activities. Experiments with apples are a fun and healthy way to explore different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. One type of experiment is something we do almost every day: cooking! Cooking with apples provides an amazing opportunity to teach our children about measuring, stirring, following directions, […]

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Comparing Apples to Apples

Laurie Anne, our early literacy trainer, is here to talk about our favorite autumn fruit: apples! Have you ever thought about all of the different ways you can teach with apples? Children can learn literacy, math concepts, nutrition and science all at the same time. Take this chart about the varieties of apples to the […]

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Presto, Pasta!

We've rounded up some easy and delicious pasta dishes to make with your kids. Super Healthy Kids has oodles of recipes (seriously, 27 pages)! brings in the fun and brings in the nutrition with their recipes. Simple Toddler Recipes has pasta dishes the whole family will enjoy. Food and Wine pulled together pasta meals […]

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Dial Back Screen Time Anxiety with a Family Media Plan

Let's hear from Betsy, an early literacy librarian, about screen time. We frequently hear from parents who are concerned about the excessive amount of screen time being experienced by their children (let's be honest, some excessive adult consumption is occurring, too). Considering that too much screen time can interfere with language development in children, sleep, […]

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App Review: Toca Nature

Think of this app as Minecraft for preschoolers. In Toca Nature, children get to design their forests with mountains, different types of trees, and lakes and rivers. Not only are kids getting a sense of maps and environments, they're developing fine motor coordination! As they build, animals populate the forest. Bunnies, birds, wolves, etc. Now […]

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