Comics + Ice Cream = A Delicious Summer

Summer is way too hot, friends. But I've got something to help you out. Here are five amazing graphic novels and comics, and with each title I'm going to suggest a delicious ice cream flavor to complement your reading. So get yourself to the nearest grocery store, choose your ice cream and pull up a patch of shade in a park.

Jem and the Holograms by Kelly Thompson

Pair with: Cotton candy ice cream, the more neon colored the better, with whipped cream, colored sprinkles and a cherry on top

Why you should read it: You're in the mood for real life drama with a touch of sci-fi. This series follows four sisters in a band together, their holographic supercomputer, and their conflict with a rival band. It's funny, full of bright colors and has the best fashion you'll find outside of Vogue.

Boondocks: Because I Know You Don't Read the Newspaper by Aaron McGruder

Pair with: Two classic ice cream sandwiches

Why you should read it: You're not in the mood for a big cohesive story, but you want something clever and witty. This is the first collection of Boondocks comics from the newspaper strip, and it's a great mix of sarcastic and smart. Also, you will laugh a lot.

Bone by Jeff Smith

Pair with: Vanilla. Preferably on a cone.

Why you should read it: You want an adventure, with really cool art, some mystery and a story that gets epic. Alternatively, you really like the cover.

Gunnerkrigg Court. Volume 1, Orientation by Thomas Siddell

Pair with: Huckleberry ice cream, and make sure it's deep purple

Why you should read it: You like Invader Zimm, Gotham Academy or The Mortal Instruments universe. Or you want a boarding school story with weird supernatural overtones and a stuffed toy possessed by the spirit of a forest god.

Aluna by Andrew Vannata

Pair with: A turtle sundae with lots of peanuts

Why you should read it: You want something that feels a bit like a fairy tale but without the familiar fairy tale characters. This isn't a fairy tale, but it does have adventure and mysticism and a great main character that all come together to give you something unique.