Eclipse It!

Eclipse Day (August 21) is almost upon us, and we want to make it "light" hearted.

From Astronomy Trek

  • How does the Moon Man cut his hair?
  • Eclipse it!

From Enchanted Learning

  • When is the moon the heaviest?
  • When it's full!

From Funology

  • Why did the sun go to school?
  • To get brighter!
  • What do planets like to read?
  • Comet-books!

From Journey to the Stars

  • How does the solar system hold up its pants?
  • With an asteroid belt!
  • What do you call a meteorite that misses its target?
  • A meteowrong!
  • What kind of songs do the planets like to sing?
  • Neptunes!

Do you have your own space-themed joke that you'd like to share? Tell us in the comments!

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