Parenting Strategies: Building Cultural Competency in Children with Janet Damon

Arapahoe Libraries was honored to host Janet Damon, educator, librarian, and literacy advocate, as she talked to parents and caregivers about how to use picture books to connect children to communities other than their own and to build joyful and authentic connections.

Cultural competence as defined by the American Psychological Association, opens a new window is the “ability to understand, appreciate and interact with people from cultures or belief systems different from one's own.” Why is it important for children to develop these skills? Being able to get along and collaborate with others is important not only for their educational and personal lives, but also for their later working lives. In a diverse world, those who have the ability to understand and communicate with people across cultures have an advantage and will feel more comfortable in multiple communities. See below for links to the studies, people and books mentioned in Ms. Damon's presentation. Watch the full presentation of Parenting Strategies: Building Cultural Competency in Children, opens a new window.


Parenting Strategies: Building Cultural Competencies in Children

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Books recommended by Janet Damon

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Studies and Articles:  

Majority of Kids Believe People of Different Races Not Treated Fairly In This Country, opens a new window

Coming Together: Family Reflections on Racism, opens a new window 

In Search of Libertarians in America, opens a new window

"It's Not in Our Head"... and yet Pain is in Our Brain: Why Racialized Exclusion Hurts And How We Can Remain Resilient, opens a new window

Community School Social Justice Resources: They’re Not Too Young To Talk About Race, opens a new window 

Multicultural Children's Literature & Racism Resources, opens a new window 

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