Pokemon Go: Ketchum at the Library

Everyone is talking about Pokemon Go these days (or walking around with their faces in their phones), and a quick Google search will bring up thousands of articles that will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the game and how to play it. PS--in case you didn't know, Ash Ketchum, is the main protagonist of the Pokemon series. Ketchum, get it?

Libraries all over the world have jumped on board the Pokemon Go train and for good reason. It is now the biggest mobile game in the history of the US. This game literally takes people to places they’ve never been before, and those places include the library. (Brace yourself, it's true, there are people who have never been to the library.) Read Why Pokemon Go and Libraries is a Perfect Partnership.

Many libraries are gyms and/or Pokestops. We have gyms at May, Castlewood and Koelbel, and Pokestops at Koelbel, Sheridan, Smoky Hill, Castlewood, Kelver and Davies. Of course, you can also catch the little monsters at all the libraries, and we welcome everyone to come have fun.


Castlewood Library loves any excuse to get in the Makerspace and create, so check out this laser-cut sign they made to welcome people to their Gym and Pokestop.


To make playing Pokemon Go even more fun, we’ve hidden 50 “swag bags” around Pokestops all over Arapahoe County (including our libraries). If you happen to get lucky and find one, snap a pic and don’t forget to tag us! (#AraphaoeLibrariesGo, #PokemonGo).


And of course, since Pokemon has been around since 1995, way before anyone that currently qualifies as a kid was born, we have tons of books and movies to give you something to do in your Pokemon Go downtime.

Official Guide to Legendary and Mythical Pokemon
Pokemon, the Movie
Pokemon Adventures

So tell us, how many Pokemon have you caught? What’s your favorite Pokestop so far? Are you Team Instinct, Mystic or Valor? Pokemon Go!

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