Red Rocks: a natural music wonder

As the summer concert series draws to a close, it's time to reminisce on all the good times we had at Red Rocks this season seeing music concerts, running the stairs (I was not doing that), seeing movies at Film on the Rocks, chilling out with Yoga on the Rocks and taking our tourist pals to check out the famous site. It's got a magnetic pull even for us old hats, am I right?

This month, Kurt Vile and Ryan Adams performed at Red Rocks on a warm clear night with a sturgeon full moon hanging out with us. And Ryan Adams called out to the audience to take note of how significant it is for a musician to perform in such a beautiful space. The audience felt it too. Ryan Adams is not alone. We have seen some of the biggest music acts come through Denver if only to play on the legendary stage. The venue has a storied history. Colorado Public Radio has a great summary on the lesser known history of Red Rocks and the music. It covers events all the way back to 1906 when it was called The Garden of the Titans and hosted opera performances through 1971 when officials banned rock n' roll music following a riot.

Thankfully for those of us that haven't been to all the shows, the magic of the Red Rocks performances have been captured. Here is a collection of albums and video recordings of some great live gigs at our very own natural wonder.

Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks

Mumford & Sons

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, Co 7/8/78

U2 Live at Red Rocks

Live at Red Rocks With The Colorado Symphony

BNL Rocks Red Rocks

Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95

Live on Red Rocks

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