App Review: Sago Mini Sound Box

I'm happy to bring you a new monthly feature: app reviews!

I'll be searching around for quality apps you can use with your toddler or preschooler on your mobile devices.

This month, I tried out the app Sound Box by Sago Mini. It's available for Apple devices for $3.99.

Sound Box allows your child to pick a sound theme, then takes them to a blank screen. Touch anywhere in the white space for a ball that makes noises. For added fun, move the ball around and let it crash into the others. Holding on to a ball will crack it open and a Sago Mini friend will jump out.

I love that this works on fine motor skills in addition to developing listening skills and creating music. Sago Mini has enabled multitouch on this app, so you and your child can play and compose together!

Sound Box can be used without a network connection, making it a great addition to the apps you use on the go. My daughter was two when we played this app on an airplane (using child-safe headphones) and it was a hit!

*Remember, as with all media, it's best if you and your child play together. The American Pediatrics Association recommends that children ages 2 to 5 have a trusted adult to relate what they're seeing to the world around them. They also suggest that screen time be limited to one hour a day for this age group. For more information, take a look at their recommendations for media usage.