Laser Cutter

Full Spectrum P-Series 20x12 90W Laser Cutter

Laser Power: 90W
Bed Size: 20"x12"
Rotary Cutting Available

Full Spectrum P-Series 24x16 90W Laser Cutter

Currently out of service -- waiting on the arrival of a new part.

Laser Power: 90W
Bed Size: 24"x16"
Rotary Cutting Available

Laser Cutter Info

These machines are operated by staff only and are available by appointment.

Recommended File Types:
  • Vector Cutting - svg or ai
  • Raster Engraving - svg, ai, jpg, png, pdf, docx
  • Design software is available on Makerspace computers. 
  • Make an appointment to get one-on-one help with creating your laser design file.
  • Materials not provided.
  • Recommended for vector cutting: wood, acrylic plastic, cardboard, cork, leather, felt
  • Recommended for raster engraving: glass, anodized aluminum, wood, acrylic plastic, cardboard, cork, leather
  • Prohibited materials: PVC, Kevlar, imitation leather, unknown materials

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