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Makerspace 2.0


Castlewood’s Makerspace is a free community workspace that provides tools and technology to facilitate DIY projects, skill building, prototype development, creative exploration and collaborative sharing of knowledge.

Creative Specialists facilitate and manage the Makerspace in addition to providing one-on-one training in tools and materials in the space. Creative Specialists and librarians also offer programming and creative consultation to staff and patrons on accomplishing projects.


Calling all creative types! Though COVID-19 has changed how a lot of things look, it hasn't changed our collective need to create. In the spirit of creative work of all kinds, the Castlewood Makerspace and Arapahoe Libraries is hosting a Virtual Maker Contest!


The Virtual Maker Contest is an online contest hosted by the Castlewood Makerspace staff. Any interested makers can submit an entry for a chance to win a category-related prize and have their work hosted with other makers in a fun photo gallery on this page.


Anyone who likes to create! If you wants to submit your work for display and are excited by the chance to win a prize, please join us. Participants must be 18 years or older and Colorado residents.


You can create almost anything—your work only needs to fit into one of the Makerspace-related categories: paper, textile, electronics, plastic/foam and woodworking/carving. See below for examples.


Submit a completed entry form below. Confirmations will be sent via email. Please read the guidelines for taking pictures and/or videos of your work. Entrants may submit multiple photos/videos of a single project, up to 30 MB per entrant.

Need help submitting your project? A Technology Specialist can help!


Note: These categories are intentionally broad in order to encompass more maker projects.

Not sure which category your project fits into? Email or for help.

Materials: Paper, paints, minimal foam.
Process: The pattern for this project was found online, printed assembled and painted by me. Each portion was folded with a metal ruler to maintain exact structure and carefully glued with PVA- making the wait time with drying much lengthier. This was hardened with rubberizing spray paint. I also added a small foam insert so that it fits on a human head without drooping.

Anything that uses paper as its main component is welcome in this category. Origami, painting, cricut/silhouette projects, 3D paper sculptures and more are encouraged to submit an entry to this category.

Winning Category Prize: Copic Sketch Pens

"Recovered Ship House", Material: Foam, paints, polymer clay, flocking

Plastic and foam can be a more miscellaneous category, as it encompasses many styles of making. Anything that uses plastic or foam as its main component is welcome here. 3D printing, prop making, forms of cosplay, polymer clay creations and miniatures would fit nicely within this category.

Winning Category Prize: Brushes, Paints, Tools

"Nahrthan", Materials: Microfleece & Polyfil

If you use fibers, thread or fabric within your project, enter it as part of the textile contest. Sewing, embroidery, crochet, felting and many more are welcome.

Winning Category Prize: Felting Kit with projects

"Oak leaf relief carving", Materials: Wood, various carving tools

Anything made out of wood should be entered into this category. From wood being carved by hand or cut into pieces with tools then assembled, we want to see your amateur shop works!

Winning Category Prize: Carving kit with instructions

"Hallowing Treat Eyes", Materials: Adafruit Monster Mask, Lithium Ion Polymer Battery, Pumpkin Treat Bucket

If you tinker with Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, Makey Makeys, or if you’ve used electronics for fun or to create a solution to a household problem, if you have purchased and assembled fun kits, and especially if you've had to solder, this is the category for you!

Winning Category Prize: Light Painting Kit








  • The maker contest is an online contest being hosted by the Castlewood Makerspace staff. Any interested makers can submit an entry for a chance to win a category-related prize and have their work hosted on our website with other makers in a fun photo gallery.

  • A maker is someone who loves to create or make things!

  • A panel of library staff will judge entries on a 10-point scale in five categories including originality of project, skill level, effort, complexity of project and a subjective overall feel category. We will also be adding a bonus percentage to those who are amateur makers. This year we will have judging categories for paper, textile, woodworking, plastic/foam and electronics. The totals for each entrant will be averaged, and prizes are awarded based on an entrant’s overall score. 

    For more information about the contest and for official entry form, go to

  • You can create almost anything! Your work only needs to fit into one of our Makerspace-related materials categories:

    • paper
    • textile
    • electronics
    • plastic/foam
    • woodworking/carving

    Need ideas? Go to to see some awesome examples.

  • Anyone can enter as long as they follow our guidelines for entry and are 18 years or older. One entry per person. Residents of Colorado only.


Technology Resources


Experience the joy of making with over 1000 award-winning video classes taught by top designers and artists.

Try out a new skill (or 10). Check out for courses in creative arts, technology and more.


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Are you a Meetup member and looking to join our group? Follow our events and more.
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