Mobile Recording Studios

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Studio Equipment

Canon Camcorder 

more details coming soon

more details coming soon

Audio Interface & Microphone 

Scarlett Focusrite, more details coming soon

Studio Software

Adapteropens a new window  media conversion tool
Adobe Creative Cloudopens a new window  
Audacityopens a new window  audio recording
Burnopens a new window  more file conversions, easier to burn files than with disk utility
dim3opens a new window 3D game creation
Final Cut Proopens a new window video editing
Garage Band  
Gimpopens a new window photo editing
Logic Pro X  
MakerWareopens a new window  slicer software
Rocksmith 2014opens a new window  learn to play guitar
scratchopens a new window  animation
Screencast-o-maticopens a new window screencasting
Serrato DJ  
SketchUpopens a new window  3D modeling software by Google
Soundfloweropens a new window  audio system extension
VLC media playeropens a new window   video player/converter