The Beam

Robots in the Library

Curious about robots? Arapahoe Libraries own a Beam+ Smart Presence System for community demonstrations.

The Beam+ robot allows the user to be in two places at the same time as seen on this video by Suitable Technologies. It is better than Skype! You could teleconference to meetings being held in another state, or another country. The Beam+ robot could help the bedridden see the world or sick children could use it to avoid missing school.

Museums are adopting this technology to bring self-guided tours to people with physical disabilities. Beam Smart Presence Systems are arriving on campus, and universities are discovering how Beam connects students and professors in new ways for sharing knowledge, attending class, and creating a great customer experience for students.

Scott Hassan, founder of Suitable Technologies, “believes in personal robotics, and said he expects robots to be in our homes within the next five to ten years. He predicts Beam will change the way we work, live, and travel in less than a decade.” (

If you are interested in seeing one in person, then visit a technology event or book a librarian.

The Beam+ robot is one of the many devices that we offer the community. Visit our Show and Tech page for a list of other devices available for demonstration, or view our Technology page for devices available for borrowing.