Public Statement: Supporting Our Community

From Executive Director Oli Sanidas and the Arapahoe Libraries Board of Trustees

At Arapahoe Libraries, we take our vision of “A literate, informed and fulfilled community” very seriously. We do that by striving to provide equitable services to all.

When our vision is challenged, we must speak out. Recent events have highlighted that Black community members do not have equitable access to even the basic community needs of safety and security due to the effects of personal, institutional, and structural racism. Too often, this has lead to the senseless loss of life.

Worldwide, individuals have engaged in peaceful protest to shed light on the issue. At Arapahoe Libraries, we stand with them. If Black members of our community are unable to thrive, then our community is not thriving.

We are not perfect, and we believe in the constant pursuit of being better. We can and will be better.

Black Lives Matter!

Oli Sanidas, Executive Director
Arapahoe Libraries Board of Trustees
June 2, 2020

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