Summer Reading 2019

Summer Reading Registration Has Begun!

Registration is open for 2019 Summer Reading, open to all ages. Get ready to "Choose Your Library Adventure!"

Summer Reading Registration Is Open!

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May 18  Online pre-registration opened

June 1  Summer Reading begins and Reading Records available at libraries

June 29  First day to turn in Reading Records for final prizes

July 14  Last day to register for Summer Reading

July 28  Last day of Summer Reading and prize pick up

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True or False: Nonfiction Can Be Fun

True! Take a walk on the wild side of the library: the nonfiction section!

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Talk and Walk: Summer Book Club

Second Thursdays
Join us at Smoky Hill Library to discuss a non-fiction book each month and wrap the evening with a stroll near the library.

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Summer Reading Blogs

Summer Fun

Here are some fun ideas (and, of course, books!) to help you make the most of your summer.

Comics + Ice Cream = A Delicious Summer

Summer is way too hot, friends. Here are five amazing graphic novels and comics paired with ice cream flavors to complement your reading.

Donut Reads

Choose your favorite donut, we'll tell you some young adult novels to read next in this very unscientific blog. Donut worry, it's simple!

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12 Cool Things You Can Do at the Library

Did you know you can do more than just check out books at the library?

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Need help finding what to read, watch or listen to next? Fill out this form and a librarian will recommend something just for you.

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Not sure what to read, watch or listen to next? Browse Staff Picks and find your next book, movie or audiobook today! All ages and genres.


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