It Ain’t No Sin to Be Glad You’re Awake


awoke ə-​ˈwōk, also awaked ə-​ˈwākt; awoken ə-​ˈwō-​kən, also awaked or awoke; awaking

Definitions of awake

1: to cease sleeping: to wake up.
2: to become aroused or active again.
3: to become conscious or aware of something; awoke to the possibilities.
4: to arouse from sleep or a sleep-like state.
5: to make active.
6: fully conscious, alert, and aware: not asleep.

Synonyms & Antonyms for awake

Synonyms: arouse, awaken, rouse, wake, waken, sleepless, wakeful, wide-awake.

Antonyms: unaware, ignorant, unconscious, inattentive, downward, slumbering, unawakened, asleep.

awake used in a sentence: 

"Now the great question facing us today is whether we will remain awake through this worldshaking revolution, and achieve the new mental attitudes which the situations and conditions demand." - Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution, Martin Luther King, Jr. Address at Morehouse College Commencement, June 1959.

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