Who We Are

Arapahoe Libraries serves more than 250,000 people at eight library locations and a library within the Arapahoe County detention center. We bring the library to the community through daycare, school and business visits and even have a Library on Wheels that visits apartment buildings, assisted living centers, area businesses, schools and local events.

Our Vision

A literate, informed and fulfilled community. 

Our Values

We focus on our customers and anticipate their needs.
We value integrity, inclusion, learning and fun.
We act with courage, respect, empathy and passion.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to being the best public library for the communities we serve by providing outstanding and personalized service to everyone seeking access to the world of information and ideas.

Our WHY Statement

We believe we can turn every search for knowledge into a helpful adventure.

Our Objectives

Our goal is to transform lives by meeting the shared and individual needs of our community through two core objectives: 

  • We will increase literacy empowerment by preparing our youngest to learn to read and helping others learn to thrive in difficult times.
  • We will build community connections by connecting people as resources for each other, virtually and in person.

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Core Values

We have it, see it, cultivate it and celebrate it.

Building memories, bridging gaps and learning new things; this is a wondrous place to be.

We’re embracing all by bestowing deep respect upon everyone with whom we cross paths.

So we choose them wisely, using kindness to build each other up.

As Alexander Pope said, “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” We are not perfect people, but we aim to be accountable, gracious and humble ones.

Here, we come together to build a rock-solid team that achieves far more collectively than we ever could alone.

The Rest is History

Arapahoe Libraries was established in April 1966 to provide public library service to all residents of Arapahoe County, except those living in the cities of Littleton, Englewood and Aurora. Residents of these cities are served by libraries established prior to 1966 that are funded and maintained by their respective city governments. All Arapahoe County residents, however, are free to use any of the libraries in the county. Residents can also participate in the Colorado Library Card Program, which allows them to borrow items from any participating academic, school and public library in Colorado.

Arapahoe Libraries serves a diverse and varied population covering the rural areas of Byers and Deer Trail, the cities of Bow Mar, Centennial, Cherry Hills Village, Columbine, Glendale, Greenwood Village and Sheridan, and the unincorporated areas of Arapahoe County. Arapahoe Libraries is also a major resource for elementary and high school students of the Littleton, Cherry Creek, Sheridan, Byers and Deer Trail School Districts, as well as for those receiving private and home schooling, and students attending local colleges and universities. Arapahoe Libraries' legal services area map provides exact boundaries.

Funding is provided through a 4.9 property tax mill levy. Any increase in the mill levy must be approved by a vote of the people. Other revenue sources include income from fees, grants and interest on investments. A non-profit Arapahoe Library Friends Foundation was established in 1990 to raise additional money from the private sector and to serve as an advocacy group for Arapahoe Libraries. The Foundation and its partner, the Friends of Arapahoe Libraries, which was established in 1995, support a variety of library programs and services.

The Board of Trustees is appointed by the Arapahoe County Commissioners and the Board of the Deer Trail School District. (Under the 1996 state library law, library districts had to be established by two governing entities. The Deer Trail School District and Arapahoe County are the two entities.) Other than the appointment of the Library Trustees, Arapahoe Libraries has full autonomy over its operational and financial administration.

Arapahoe Libraries Legal Service Area Map

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