Get Text Message Notifications

It’s text time! Keep up to date on your library account with text reminders. Grab your library card and your smart phone to sign up for text alerts for your holds, items due soon, overdue items and fees. Here’s how:

Signup: On your phone, text:
SIGNUP+yourlibrarycardnumber to 303-309-0028 (example: SIGNUP+21393001234567 - NO spaces and include the "+").

You will be prompted to enter your PIN, try the last four digits of your phone number.

Notifications: You will automatically be signed up to receive notifications about holds, overdue items, item renewals, events and closures.

Text notifications apply to physical items only. All eLibrary notices are delivered via email.

Opt-out: Text STOP to opt-out of the service.

Pro tip: Save the contact as Arapahoe Libraries so you know it's us!