Art Galleries – February

Hillary Reed Klemme

May Library

I was raised with an awareness that art is not only a talent but a necessity to happiness. This normalization was fueled throughout every adventure. Growing up in Colorado allowed me to experience the vibrant colors of nature, curious creatures and the encouragement to look beyond every surface. I paint to capture happiness and personality within every brush stroke.   


Anna Kvach

Smoky Hill Library

I would like to name my exhibition "Inspiration." And my artist's statement is "When I get an influx of inspiration, I start to paint my works onto a canvas. I like to experiment with the different techniques, the blending of different colors and the outcomes of different forms in my art. When I am infatuated with my art I get an overwhelming sense of delight.”

Rosanne Juergens

Koelbel Library

On her quest to find the origins of female prophets called “Sibyls,” Rosanne Juergens’ research revealed roots in Bronze Age North Africa that later crossed culturally to Aegean Civilizations and Europe. Juergens has interpreted Old Masters portrayals of these women in the hopes to bring to light their legends. Although the seers spoke their predictions aloud, the intrinsic human need to transmit knowledge through written language is conveyed symbolically by picturing scrolls or books that contain their prophecies in each image.

Jose Ibarra

Southglenn Library

Jose Ibarra, who goes by his artistic name "Chepe," was born in El Paso, TX, but at an early age moved to Denver and has since been living in Colorado. He has never been formally taught art, but always had a strong affinity towards painting and drawing since childhood. Much of his artwork reflects his connection to nature, growing up in Denver and the simplistic complexity of life that can be appreciated by anyone.