Art Galleries – April

Elle McMurray

Southglenn Library

With one pen point, a work of art is just moments away.  Elle on Point started with a mission to live creatively beyond fear. All of Elle on Point pieces are drawn by hand – no computers just one ink dot at a time. Experience the fearless beauty of pointillism today. Visit

Farhad Vakilitabar

Koelbel Library

A good artist will create art regardless of his or her physical location, but without any doubt, traveling and visiting new places can be great sources of inspiration!

A good artist also should develop his/her unique style of work through the creative process!

Here are some samples of my effort to just do that! For many years, Double Exposure photography has taken me on a journey, where photography flirts with painting, and teases the mind of the viewers!

Hillary Reed Klemme

Smoky Hill Library

I was raised with an awareness that art is not only a talent but a necessity to happiness. This normalization was fueled throughout every adventure. Growing up in Colorado allowed me to experience the vibrant colors of nature, curious creatures and the encouragement to look beyond every surface. I paint to capture happiness and personality within every brush stroke.