Art Galleries – March

Cameron Alexander

May Library

Cameron is a writer and photographer, based in Denver, Colorado. He has a degree in film from the Colorado Film School and his works focus on telling a variety of stories, through a mixture of written and visual art. His passion in photography stems from growing up around the base of the Rocky Mountains. It was there that he began to focus on small aspects of nature—the little pieces of the world, with interesting stories to tell—and the broad landscapes, that dominate the environment.

Cherry Creek Schools

Koelbel Library

Student art work is on display from the Cherry Creek School District.

Lori DiCiero Gallagher

Smoky Hill Library

Literary Landscapes
“Reader, I married him” (Jane Eyre) and “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden” (The Secret Garden) are just a couple literary quotes that came to mind when I took the photos in my exhibit. Books, photography, and travel have inspired me and I hope it translates well to the eye of the viewer.

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