Art Galleries – January

Jimmy Spinelli

May Library

My work for this show is in two areas that I work in. Traditional landscapes where I try to get the best technical photos of nature I can. The second area is where I push the limits, manipulating the photos till they are as much contemporary art as they are photos. In both cases I am trying to capture the essence of nature.

Cameron Alexander

Smoky Hill Library

Cameron is a writer and photographer, based in Denver, Colorado. He has a degree in film from the Colorado Film School and his works focus on telling a variety of stories, through a mixture of written and visual art. His passion in photography stems from growing-up around the base of the Rocky Mountains. It was there that he began to focus on small aspects of nature - the little pieces of the world, with interesting stories to tell - and the broad landscapes, that dominate the environment. 

Catalina Vasquez-Kennedy

Koelbel Library

Unshakable Gaze
My work as a paintings conservator forces me to look intently into other artists’ works. I have trained my eye to inspect intimately art objects in order to understand their physical qualities, to appreciate their aesthetic value, and to recognize their various levels of meaning as I evaluate any signs of damage or any visible changes brought about by time. I derive enormous pleasure from contemplating images that have come alive through the interplay of shapes and colors, and light and shadows, with their nuanced surface qualities, and I truly enjoy rendering my own version of what I observe – be it a striking detail in a work of art, an arresting moment captured in a photograph, as well as simple, everyday objects or quiet events witnessed in the tangible world. Beauty is all around me and moves me to produce works of art like these shown in this gallery.