Art Galleries

Denis Frolov

Eloise May Library

The artist explores the infinite complexity of things found in nature. Just as mandalas, these photographs provide a visual anchor for a brief moment of contemplation at every glance. Printed on metal, these images retain their breathtaking depth and detail, and are also durable and easy to care for.

Shilpa Gadgil

Smoky HIll Library 

Artist Statement: 

I am from colorful land of India. It has many tribal arts. I am presenting two art forms. Warli art is from state of Maharashtra. The paintings are done on walls with white chalk color by hand and scenes from daily life. 

Madhubani art is from Mithila region of India. It represents mythological scenes and natural world. 


John Cierasynski

Southglenn Library

Artist Statement:

"I love to paint, living in Colorado, I paint the Colorado Landscape, I hope to communicate through my eyes the beauty that I see in the colors, shapes and values of the landscape."

Andy Baird

Koelbel Library

I am always fascinated by landscapes, some large and vast and some small and intimate. Frequently I walk around and will see a tree or creek that is lit just the right way and I become inspired to replicate its beauty. 

My paintings focus on such experiences that I’ve encountered which I’ve decided to recreate. Some landscapes that I paint I have actually been on-site while others I used inspiration to create my own landscape which closely mimic reality. 

Whichever it is, either real or imaginary, I hope viewers will enjoy my paintings.