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Front Range Wildlife Photographers

Smoky Library Library

Front Range Wildlife Photographers is designed to be a meeting place, virtually and physically, for wildlife and nature lovers in Colorado and beyond.
We are a vibrant community that builds relationships with one another through photography outings, classes, and workshops as well as group photography showcases such as the one currently hanging at the Smoky Hill Library.

We would like to thank Arapahoe Libraries for partnering with us to help bring the outdoors inside for all to enjoy.  We invite anyone who is interested to join us by participating in any of our upcoming events or art shows.

Stacy Ann Smith

Smoky Hill Library
Koelbel Library

Stacie began creating “I Am” projects in 2017 to give kids transitioning into young adulthood a boost of confidence. While photographing, she encourages each child to show their inner self; the resulting portraits are filled with joy and strength. Then their parents and loved ones tell Stacie stories and anecdotes, so she can create personalized affirmations which remind each child of their worth.

Lori Gallagher

Eloise May Library

After an amazing trip to Ireland in April, and encountering the country’s proud literary legacy everywhere we went, I couldn’t look at my pictures without seeing visions from books. So I started thinking of stories I’ve read and how they could correlate with the photos I took, and used the images to further spark my imagination. 

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” ~ Henry David Thoreau