Art Galleries


Marie Vaughn

May Library

Spirituality plays a great role in creating my paintings. I am driven by a strong desire to create a positive environment for the viewer by using “bold statements of color”.

I take inspiration from nature and the colors of the world surrounding me, as well as other artists, their enthusiasm and their spirit. I enjoy using a variety of techniques during the creative process.

Vibrant, bold, happy colors are my hallmarks. However, I do enjoy using more mute, earth tones as well, as they engulf you in warmth and serenity. While creating a new painting I tend to ‘dive’ into colors and I let the paint take over. This is when time stands still and I can enter a wondrous world.

I have taken my artist mantra from the great Edgar Degas:

“Art is not what you see, it is what you make others see” (and feel).

Maria Hansen

Koelbel Library

Maria Hansen is an artist who specializes in watercolor and oil painting as well as woodcarving. This series of watercolor pieces celebrates the joy of water in the summertime. You can find more of her work on her website:

Dick Gallagher

Smoky Hill Library

Dick Gallagher was taught the inked technique you see by his daughter, Katie. Since his retirement he has painted close to 100 paintings of classic cars and trucks. Check out his Etsy shop for more images.

Jackie Burson

Southglenn Library