Art Galleries – September

Karen Zidwick

May Library

Karen Zidwick, photographer, explores her interest in light, line and design through her art. With a strong emphasis on composition, her work often reflects her travels and respect of cultural diversity.


Christine June

Smoky Hill Library

Abandoned Places captures and shares my perspective of the world surrounding us.  My images reveal economic landscapes that people refuse to acknowledge or take the time to consider.  Our surviving regions, once full of beauty and life, are becoming places of ruin as a direct consequence of our need for resources. My work portrays environmental devastation, which we, as a culture, are creating. People blindly assume the methods of production and disposal that are currently in use are the standards we need to thrive and succeed.  Progressive human advancement is degrading our world visually and biologically without regret or concern. These views portray some of the major ways in which we are polluting and ravaging our lands.