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Arapahoe Libraries is passionate about the communities we serve. In 2019, Arapahoe Libraries hosted more than 20 Community Conversations, which are informal focus groups, to discover community values, concerns and aspirations. These findings will help to shape the Arapahoe Libraries strategic decision-making process. Community Conversations included library patrons, volunteers, staff and external community groups.

Conversations featured activities such as brainstorming and voting on ideas related to community resources and library services.

Overall, participants were most passionate about creating and experiencing a caring, connected community. Participants also shared helpful feedback related to library resources and services and the unique role libraries have in the community. Other themes included education, community space and financial well-being.



What would be included in your ideal community?

Ample public gathering spaces, accessible and affordable public transportation, active lifestyle opportunities and good schools rounded out the ideal community.

Magic Wand

If you had a magic wand, what would you change about your community?

Less traffic congestion, community connections, greater diversity and affordable housing, education and healthcare were ranked highly by participants.


What are your hopes or dreams for yourself, your family and/or your community?

Job security, debt-free lifestyles, access to education, and health and happiness were all popular themes. Personal growth, including family, travel, career success and home ownership, was also important.


How can the library help you, your family, or your community be successful?

Participants highly value libraries and communicated the desire for more books, classes, events and meeting room space.

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