Board Member Expenses

Colorado Library Law states that a trustee shall not receive a salary or other compensation for services as a trustee, but necessary traveling and subsistence expenses actually incurred may be paid from the public library fund. In addition, members of the Board of Trustees of the Arapahoe Library District (ALD) shall have the following expenses covered during their tenure on the Board of Trustees:

Fines, fees and penalties: Although there are no fines, materials will still have the usual due dates and timely return of library materials is expected. Replacement fees will be assessed for lost or damaged items.

Copying: Trustees may have free use of the library copiers for District-related business and for personal use up to 10 copies per month.

Faxing: Trustees may have free use of the library's fax machine for local faxes.

Name Tags and Business Cards: Upon appointment, each trustee will receive a Library District name tag. If requested, Library District business cards will also be provided.

Mileage: If requested, ALD will pay mileage to and from Board meetings. (This is primarily intended to cover the cost of travel incurred by the trustee driving from the Byers/Deer Trail area.)

Photograph: ALD will pay for a professional photograph of each trustee to be placed in each facility. Additional photos may be purchased for personal use at the trustee’s own expense.

Memberships in Professional Organizations: ALD will pay the annual expenses for Trustee memberships in Colorado Association of Libraries. By requests, ALD will also pay for individual membership in the American Library Association and the Public Library Association.

Expenses to Conferences and Seminars: The District will pay travel and subsistence expenses for Trustees who attend library conferences and seminars, subject to budgetary guidelines determined on a yearly basis.

In addition to covered expenses, Trustees are welcome to attend all Library District sponsored events.

For their protection, each Trustee is also covered by a written indemnification policy adopted under resolution by the Board on 2/21/95.

ADOPTED Sept 1996
REVISED Aug 2003, June 2012, April 2018

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