Now Dig This! Envy of None

Now Dig This! is a music advisory blog post from Arapahoe Libraries. Now Dig This! focuses on a unique track or amazing album. In this post we look at the band Envy of None, the latest creative project from RUSH guitar player Alex Lifeson. Envy of None released their self-titled debut album in 2022. The albums greatness is still being discovered in 2023. For those expecting RUSH, Lifeson says, "It's not Rush. The whole Rush experience was very different. And that’s why I really liked this. This was fresh and new for me.”

Check out the first track "Never Said I Love You" from the bands debut album below or request the full album, opens a new window through Prospector!

Fans of bands and artists such as Puscifer, Garbage and Jessy Greene are sure to enjoy this album.