Pets of the Library

At Arapahoe Libraries, we love our beloved pets even more than our beloved shelves of books, if that's possible! We thought you fellow pet lovers might like to see all the furry, feathery and scaly faces of our loyal family members! ❤ To learn more about these cute critters, click on their photos. 

Searching for the perfect new family member of your own?

Check out these books to help in Choosing the Right Pet. Once you've narrowed down the best type of pet for you, consider adopting from a reputable rescue organization such as the Denver Dumb Friends League, opens a new window or Life is Better Rescue, opens a new window. There are numerous others in the Denver area, even some specific to one type of animal, but be sure to do your research and choose one that abides by the ethical treatment of animals. Red Rover offers tips on choosing a reputable rescue group, opens a new window. If you're interested in a dog, the American Kennel Club is another great resource for acquiring a dog from a reputable group, opens a new window. Best of luck choosing your next companion!  

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