It’s Peach Season!

Eat a Peach Day is August 22 annually, followed by Peach Pie Day on August 24. Colorado peach lovers spend their summers buzzing around peach festivals (most take place the weekend prior to Eat a Peach Day) and putting their orders in for Palisade Peaches., opens a new window Peaches are typically harvested between June and August, so now's the time to enjoy the juicy sweetness. If you weren't able to catch one of the many peach festivals around Colorado and didn't order your own box of peaches, check out farmer's markets, garden centers, roadside stands and grocery stores to snag a few before they're gone!

If you were lucky enough to score your own box of peaches but are now wondering how you'll eat them all while they're still perfectly ripe, check out these popular peach recipes from Allrecipes, opens a new window or The Peach Truck Cookbook.

Peaches are such a lovely topic for a breezy end-of-summer read. These book lists are perfect for young peach lovers and the young at heart.

Peachy Books for Children

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Peachy Titles

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