Books Ruined by Technology: Classics Part III

Ever wonder how some novels might be ruined by technology? We did! Dear reader, read with caution as there are spoilers ahead.

Miss Havisham of Great Expectations is dumped on her wedding day via letter, but now I think it'd be through text message instead. I don't think Charles Dickens would approve.

Instead of having to buy a ton of chocolate bars in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you'd probably go to Willy Wonka's Facebook page to COMMENT NOW FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN! I guess you'd save yourself a lot of calories that way.

Everyone shamed Hester Prynne of The Scarlet Letter for having a child out of wedlock and having an affair with a minister, but with the invention of birth control—and a healthy dose of "mind your own business"—means we'd hardly look twice at her in 2018.