Native American Heritage Month

In 1990, President George H. W. Bush designated November as National American Indian Heritage Month. Native American Heritage Month, as it's commonly referred to, is a time to learn more about the culture, traditions, histories and contributions of Native Americans.  Books For Adults: Read powerful fiction and nonfiction stories of Native Americans with these collections…
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Hispanic Heritage Month

  Every year, celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15–October 15. Honor the contributions of Americans whose ancestors came from South and Central America, the Caribbean, Spain and Mexico. Did you know that Hispanic Heritage Month began as a week-long celebration under President Lyndon B. Johnson? President Ronald Reagan expanded it to a month-long celebration…
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What’s Flag Day?

The Stars and Stripes. The Red, White and Blue. The Star-Spangled Banner. Old Glory. White stars on a blue background, thirteen white and red stripes fluttering in the wind. But where did Flag Day come from? There are several stories about from where Flag Day originated. In 1916, 1927 and 1942, presidential proclamations were issued calling…
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