Citizenship and Immigration Guide

A series of Immigration Resource Navigation sessions are offered monthly at Eloise May Library to connect new immigrants and refugees with useful information about community resources and organizations, help locate the right forms and programs and answer your questions in your preferred language. (Currently, we offer support in Spanish and Russian, but can connect to interpreters in other languages over the phone.) 

Hello and welcome!

We are glad that you are here and would like you to stay. The resources in this guide are for members of our community who want to become U.S. citizens or who need help with their immigration status.

If you have other questions about life in the Colorado, please see our Community Resource Guide.

Our library staff is here to help you, so please Ask a Librarian and one of our knowledgeable librarians will help answer your questions. You can also call Arapahoe Libraries directly at 303-542-7279.

Governmental agencies

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS)

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS), is the government agency in charge of lawful immigration to the United States. On their website, you will find the forms and information needed to apply for all kinds of visas, as well as apply for citizenship. Website:

On their website, you can:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

To find someone detained by ICE use this website: You will need the following information:

  • first and last name
  • country of origin
  • A-number (alien number) and/or date of birth

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Use this website to find the latest rules for border crossings, border wait times, the Trusted Traveler program and more.

Asylum seekers and other individuals in immigration court proceedings can retrieve their most recent I-94 form here:  

Your rights as an immigrant

Guide to immigrant rights by the American Civil Liberties Union

  • information about your rights in various community situations, including police interactions, detention, court proceedings and more

Living in Limbo guide by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center

  • rights and obligations of those living without immigration status (sometimes referred to as undocumented) in the United States
  • information about pathways to legal status, lawful ways to make money and support your family and much more.

Recommendations for those at risk of immigration raid or ICE arrest and deportation by ILRC

  • printable handout on preparing for ICE activity, immigrant rights and next steps

Avoid immigration scams by the Federal Trade Commission

  • an article explaining typical fraud and scams in immigration services

Citizenship: Application and study resources

The USCIS encourages everyone to file their citizenship application (N-400) online: . The agency has put together a video guide for filing an online application: (to get subtitles in your language, use the Auto-translate tool in the settings of the video)

Use the USCIS naturalization eligibility tool to check if you are ready to apply now or should wait and/or gather additional information.

If you would like step-by-step guidance on filing your N-400 application, Citizenshipworks provides free resources and legal support to eligible applicants. Start by completing their prescreening questionnaire to see if you are ready to become a citizen.

Citizenship materials in the library

Citizenship preparation tools online

There are organizations in our community that organize citizenship classes and workshops, assist with N-400 filings and interview preparation and can review your application. 

Librarians cannot provide legal advice, but can help you practice the 100 civics questions for the citizenship interview. Use the Ask a Librarian form to schedule an appointment.

Legal Services

American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

Catholic Charities

  • Call 303-742-4971
  • You do not have to be Catholic. They help everyone. Services are not free, and they will ask for a small payment (about $35)
  • Legal support for immigrants and Citizenship applications

The Center for Trauma and Resilience

  • Call 303-718-8289 (Español), 303-894-8000 (English)
  • Free immigration services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking
  • Immediate help for victims of crimes as well as trauma counseling, case management and support groups
  • Specific programs for children, families and the elderly
  • Translation and interpretation services

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC)

  • Call 303-922-3344
  • Free trainings, resources and workshops for community members navigating the complex world of immigration
  • Support for DACA and TPS recipients
  • Advocacy

Colorado Legal Services

  • Call 303-837-1313
  • Legal services for low-income individuals on civil matters, including domestic violence, housing issues, healthcare and public benefits
  • Spanish-speaking staff are available

Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic (JAMLAC)

  • Call 303-839-1008
  • Free bilingual legal representation for immigration, family law, bankruptcy and other general civil matter cases
  • Free legal nights and consultations. Please call the number above to schedule your visit

Littleton Immigrant Resource Center at Bemis Public Library

  • Call 303-795-3968
  • ELA classes and one-on-one English tutoring for a small fee
  • Affordable legal services for immigration matters, including filing citizenship application and other basic forms

Rocky Mountain Immigrant Action Network (RMIAN)

  • Call 303-433-2812
  • Free legal representation for immigrants in detention and immigrant children who have suffered from violence, abuse or neglect
  • Legal support for detained individuals

Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center

  • Call 303-295-2001
  • Free legal services for victims of violent crime (Victims must be current residents of Colorado or victims of crimes that occurred in the state)

Online Resources on Immigration and Citizenship

Community Organizations

Learn about your rights and prepare for citizenship with these organizations:

Aurora Mental Health & Recovery Citizenship Program

  • Citizenship preparation workshops
  • 303-617-2567

Casa de Paz

  • Provides a place to stay, food, visits and transportation for families that have family members in ICE custody. It is located in Aurora.
  • 720-500-2272 

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

  • Workshops on DACA renewal, tenant rights, and other immigrant rights topics
  • 303-922-3344

Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning

  • Citizenship classes for older adults (55+)
  • 947-622-2481 (call or text)

Assistance for Refugees and Asylees

These organizations can assist with basic navigation for newly arrived refugees, asylees and immigrants staying in the United States under temporary protected status (TPS) or special entry programs (U4U, P4V or SIV). These organizations can help with understanding local laws and services and connect you with the following resources:

  • medical services,
  • public school system, 
  • federal, state and local assistance programs (Social Security, food stamps, Medicaid, and other programs),
  • public transportation,
  • cultural and job training.

African Community Center

  • Call: 303-399-4500 
  • 925 S. Niagara St. Suite 200
    Denver, CO 80224

International Rescue Committee

  • Call: 720-328-6655
  • 1873 S. Bellaire St. 5th Floor
    Denver, CO80222

Lutheran Family Services

  • Call: 303-980-5400
  • 1035 Osage Street, Suite 700
    Denver, CO 80204

Jewish Family Services

  • Call: 303-597-5000
  • 3201 South Tamarac Dr.
    Denver, CO 80231

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

  • Call: 720-464-6821
  • 14211 East 4th Ave #3-210
    Aurora, CO 80011

Looking for more organizations that help immigrants and refugees integrate, learn and connect? Check out the Colorado Refugee Connect Directory for more information.