National Dog Day is Getting Out of Hound

Dog puns aside, National Dog Day is the best! (I'm not actually putting dog puns aside. See if you can find all the other doggy puns in this post!) Our fuzzy friends are delightful, and this is the perfect day to celebrate all they do for us. Here are some super resources for maximum dog happiness.

9 Tips on How To Keep Dogs Cool in Summer, opens a new window: It may be August, but we've got plenty of warm weather to go before cooler fall days arrive. Try this post with photos of dogs looking quite fetching and great suggestions for helping your canine companion stay cool.

Izzy's Apple-Cheddar Dog Biscuits, opens a new window: Approved by the American Kennel Club, this recipe for homemade dog treats could be the perfect way to show your pup you love them. Bone appétit!

Big Dogs, Huge Paws, opens a new window: If you're interested in getting hands-on to help dogs having a ruff time, this is a local organization that works with particularly large breeds.

Paws at the end your long day of doggy celebrations to enjoy a movie from this Arapahoe Libraries Staff List!

Doggone It

Try some canine cinema! This list has everything from humor to science, and lots in between.

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And last but not least, if you're looking for even more ways to celebrate, check out the official National Dog Day Website, opens a new window for a whole list of adorable dogs and fun suggestions.

I apologize for all the puns. Have another dog picture to make up for it: