Do You Love Jurassic Park?

If you or someone you know loves Jurassic Park, you've probably seen the movie at least once. Now what? We can help!

Make a day of visiting dinosaurs in person.

Borrow an Exploration Pass and visit one  of these museums for free:

  • Dinosaur Ridge, opens a new window is a natural national landmark just outside Denver and one of the world's most famous dinosaur fossil localities. Dinosaurs found here include Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Diplodocus and Allosaurus. They have a hiking trail called Triceratops Trail that has viewable dinosaur tracks, and the fossils are dated to the end of the Age of Dinosaurs, 68 million years ago.
  • The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, opens a new window has a display called Prehistoric Journey. Here you can see different dinosaur displays, handle some fossils and view real scientists at work in the Earth Sciences Lab. Most of the fossils that have been on display have gone through the lab. A dinosaur discovered in Thornton, opens a new window is also on display there.

Other local museums to visit:

  • Down the road from Dinosaur Ridge is Morrison Natural History Museum, opens a new window, which houses exhibits devoted to local paleantology and Jurassic fossils. Notable displays include skulls of Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Tylosaurus, remains of skeletons of Stegosaurus and Pteranodon, and infant dinosaur tracks. Live reptiles and amphibians are also on display. Read more about the museum in Mollie's blog post.

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