Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

People around the world celebrate Earth Day, opens a new window every year on April 22. The theme this year is "Protect Our Species."

"In nature, nothing exists alone."
-Rachel Carson, 1962

Want to know how you can participate? Here are some easy ways the library can help you take part in the celebration of our planet!

  1. Learn about energy conservation. Did you know the library has many resources you can borrow to take home to help you be more energy efficient?                
    • Nokero Solar Lightbulb: Check out this solar lightbulb and find out where you can fit portable solar lighting into your life. You can use it for reading, camping, socializing and more.
    • Thermal Leak Detector: A thermal leak detector is an infrared sensor that will help you improve the efficiency of your home by finding leaks.
    • Watts Up? Power Meter: This portable meter will help you determine the costs of running appliances, like how much TV you watch or how  much power your fridge uses. You can even take it with you appliance shopping!
  2. Plant. Plant in your yard or create a balcony garden. It's fun and good for the environment!                
  3. Compost/Recycle/Reuse. Composting and recycling are pretty easy whether you want to use a curbside compost service or start your own compost bin in your backyard.                
  4. Buy locally-grown foods. Join a co-op or visit a farmers markets.                
  5. Welcome animals to your yard! Make your yard inviting for birds, bees and butterflies.                
    • What's All the Buzz? Start your own beehive with these tips from a beekeeper. If you just want to attract them to your yard, plant bee-friendly flowers like beebalm, goldenrod, lavender and sage. And don't kill those dandelions, bees love them. Learn more about why dandelions are more than just a weed.
    • Get birdy with a birdfeeder or even a birdhouse. 
    • Have a beautiful butterfly garden by planting milkweed, goldenrod and zinnea.
  6. Ride your bike instead of drive.                
  7. Donate your items. Share with others and get organized at the same time.              
    • Marie Kondo and other professional organizers will help you say goodbye to the clutter with this list of great home organization books.
    • Drop off your donations at Goodwill, ARC or other local thrift store. Some organizations, like the Vietnam Veteran's of America, opens a new window, will even pick up your items from your doorstep.
    • Try organizing a clothing swap or getting on a neighborhood social group to share your items.

These are just a few ways to celebrate Earth Day and there are a million more. And don't forget, everyday is Earth Day! How will you be celebrating?

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