11 Musician Names You Might Be Misprounouncing

Prepare to be surprised because you may have been pronouncing these musicians' names wrong.

Haim, opens a new window

The band says their name is pronounced hahy-uhm, two syllables.

Something to Tell You.

Rihanna, opens a new window 

The one everybody gets wrong. It's Ree-anna not Ree-ahna.


Bon Iver, opens a new window

Even Jack Black mispronounced this band's name when they won a Grammy in 2012. It's bone-ee-vare according Justin Vernon, the man who came up with the name.

22, A Million

Macklemore, opens a new window

Mack-le-more and not Mack-el-more.


Bjork, opens a new window

Watch Bjork pronounce her name and you'll find out Bjork rhymes with jerk: be-yerk.


Sigur Ros, opens a new window

They tell us their name is pronounced si-ur rose.


Gotye, opens a new window

Goh-tee-ay is how you say this name.

Like Drawing Blood

Sade, opens a new window

This Nigerian name is hard for many to pronounce exactly right but it's best to say sha-day. 

The Ultimate Collection

Lykke Li, opens a new window

The Swedish singer says her name like lickee-lee.

So Sad So Sexy

Hozier, opens a new window

Although he says it's ok to say ho-jer, when Hozier says his own name, he says hose-ee-er.


Ray Davies, opens a new window

The lead singer of The Kinks does not pronounce his last name like it looks, dave-ees. The man himself said it is Daviz with the "zee" kind of muted.


Tell us in the comments which name were you most surprised to learn how to pronounce. For more fun find out which authors' names you have been pronouncing wrong!