A Quiz About Nothing: Test Your Seinfeld Knowledge

Seinfeld, the show about nothing. How big of a Seinfeld fan are you? Test your knowledge!

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In one episode, a fast food chain opened across from Kramer's and he couldn't sleep due to its giant neon sign. What is the name of the restaurant?
Jerry becomes friends with former Mets player Keith Hernandez. What does Keith ask him to do?
What is Kramer's first name?
Elaine's former boss Mr. Lippman stole the idea from her of starting a business that sold what?
How does George's fiance Susan die?
These pretzels are making me what?
Who is George's alter ego?
Calvin Klein stole Kramer's idea for a cologne that smells like what?
What does George pull out of a whale's blow hole?
Where is Elaine from?
What did Jerry steal from a lady on the street?
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