Matching Fiction to Cocktails

Has the weather forced you inside this winter? Or do you love getting through the long winter months with warm blankets and books? Maybe you just came in from a winter hike or off the slopes. No matter your take on the season, you might have a thirst!

Historical Fiction

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane is all about tea, so sip any tea. Want to be more authentic? Try some Pu-erh Tea. Prefer a cocktail? Try a Pu-erh Old Fashioned.

At the Water's Edge features hard drinkers visiting Scotland (and you might need a drink if you do or don't believe in the Loch Ness monster), so a Rob Roy would be a nice addition.

We recommend a Sidecar while reading The Paris Apartment if you're looking for a Parisian vibe.


The Devil in Winter is one hot read about a marriage of convenience; best have some well-chilled champagne on hand to soothe those flushed cheeks. 

Because of Miss Bridgerton—The Regency era wouldn't be the same without a glass of ratafia. What's ratafia? Oh, just a sweet drink Jane Austen would have at a ball.

Science Fiction/Fantasy

When the English Fall is stunning dystopian fiction. It's a great read, but go ahead and empty your liquor cabinet into a Long Island Ice Tea. Life is short when you're living through an apocalypse.

Annihilation is a book turned into a 2018 movie starring Natalie Portman. Try our book-themed cocktail "The Annihilation," which blends hot chocolate, toffee, tequila and Kahlua.

Winter is coming. Wrap yourself in a blanket, make a hot buttered rum and dive into the incredible world-building fantasy drama that is A Game of Thrones

Literary Fiction

A Gentleman in Moscow pairs well with a White Russian. See what we did there?

Sourdough is all about yeast brewing, so head to your favorite brew pub to read all about the delights of bread. Or just for a beer. Your choice.

Match one of these Swedish drinks, opens a new window from Nordic Spirits with a stunning novel about a hockey-loving town whose loyalty to the game is tested in Frederic Backhman's novel Beartown.

Origin, Dan Brown's latest Robert Langdon novel, puts you right in Spain so why not try some sangria! White or red, it's up to you.

You might get angry at the protagonist of Unraveling Oliver, but an Irish coffee will help get you through this psychological thriller (and it's a debut novel!).

Drink a bellini and toast the gorgeous floating city of Venice while reading Death at La Fenice.


Rejected Princesses are tough women from across continents and history who wouldn't settle for anything less than straight up whiskey. Join them! You'll love this book with its gorgeous illustrations (and some salty language!).

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry is intense, folks; better stick to water when you're learning about science to keep your head clear.

Want to create your own?

Want more suggestions for literary cocktails you can make at home? Read Tequila Mockingbird.