New Girl Playlist: What Would the Characters Listen To?

Are you a super-fan of the popular television show New Girl? This comedic genius of a show is credited with having some of the most memorable and iconic characters of all time. No matter what "schmidt" happens, you still love these adorkable characters.

We may know all about their character flaws or their successful... and failed relationships, but what kind of music defines them? What would they listen to? We dive deeper into this question below.

Jessica Day (Jess)

Quirky Jess may not deal well with breakups, but boy do we love her random song break outs and desire to make others feel loved and comfortable. How could we forget her love of Dirty Dancing and listening to "I Had the Time of My Life" on repeat? And believe it or not, the actress Zooey Deschanel, has music featured on the show! Jess would listen to that too, right?!

I Had (The Time of My Life) - Bill Medley, opens a new window

Melt Away - She + Him

Nick Miller

Nick is a man of many trades: lawyer, bartender, author, and avid panic moon-walker and his music tastes clearly reflect that. As long as he can fist bump to in the car, it's perfect. Also, he may listen to some moody singer-songwriter whenever he tries to run away from his problems.

Cotton-Eyed Joe - Rednex, opens a new window

Notes on A Conditional Form - The 1975

(Winston) Schmidt

If we had a penny for every time Schmidt makes baffling choices in this show, the "Douchebag Jar" would be filled enough to send them to 30 concerts of Schmidt's favorite music...EDM. He can't resist the pounding of what sounds like a robot having a seizure (according to Winston), even if it is the worst taste in music.

4x4=12 - Deadmau5

Random Access Memories - Daft Punk

Winston Bishop

Our beloved, Winnie-the-Bish, or self-proclaimed "Prank Sinatra" feels quite strongly about what music he loves and he wants everyone to love as much as he does. How about making a petition for Enya to sing at the Super Bowl? Or belt "Popular" from the award-winning musical at the top of his lungs? Not gonna lie, it is endearing.

The Very Best of Enya


Cece Parekh

Last but not least is Jess' best friend and model friend, Cece. Although her music tastes aren't displayed in the show, we can make some safe assumptions based on her fierce loyalty in friendship and on-and-off again relationship with Schmidt. How about her wedding song? Or Count on Me by Whitney Houston?

Something Like A War - Still by Seinabo Sey

I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

Have a song or artist you think is a perfect match for one of these characters? Let us know in the comments!