Pokémon: Gotta Read ‘Em All!

In Pokémon, each Pokémon changes into a new version of itself, and each change is called an evolution.

We've matched up books to each stage of our favorite Pokémon's evolution: kid books for unevolved > teen books for first evolution > adult books for fully evolved Pokémon.


Evolution: Bulbasaur > Ivysaur > Venusaur

KIDS - Bulbasaur (Seed Pokémon)
: A seed was planted on its back at birth. As it grows, the seed also grows.

Better Homes and Guardens

TEENS - Ivysaur (Seed Pokémon)
: The bulb on its back grows by drawing energy. When the bud starts to smell sweet, a large flower is ready to bloom.


ADULTS - Venusaur (Seed Pokémon)
: The flower on its back absorbs sunlight which is used for energy. 

The Incredible Journey of Plants


Evolution: Charmander > Charmeleon > Charizard

KIDS - Charmander (Lizard Pokémon)
: The flame on its tail indicates its life force, the flame burns brighter if it is healthy.

The Secret of the Deceiving Striped Lizards ... and More!

TEENS - Charmeleon (Flame Pokémon)
: When it swings its burning tail, it can raise the temperature to unbearably high levels. 

Fender Lizards

ADULTS - Charizard (Flame Pokémon)
: Spits fire so hot it can melt boulders. 

Dragon Fire


Evolution: Squirtle > Wartortle > Blastoise

KIDS - Squirtle (Tiny Turtle Pokémon)
: Has a shell that hardens after it is born. Can spray water from its mouth.

Out of My Shell

TEENS - Wartortle (Turtle Pokémon)
: Its tail is a symbol of longevity, covered with a rich, thick fur.

Turtles All the Way Down

ADULTS - Blastoise (Shellfish Pokémon)
: Can blast jets of water from its shell that can punch holes in thick steel.

Dreaming in Turtle


Evolution: Caterpie > Metapod > Butterfree

KIDS - Caterpie (Worm Pokémon)
: Releases a horrible stench from its antenna to protect itself. 

The Girl Who Drew Butterflies

TEENS - Metapod (Cocoon Pokémon)
: Hardens its shell to protect itself while preparing to evolve.


ADULTS - Butterfree (Butterly Pokémon)
: Flaps its wings at high speed and releases toxic dust into the air.



Evolution: Pichu > Pikachu > Raichu

KIDS - Pichu (Tiny Mouse Pokémon)
: Can zap adult humans, but not yet skilled at storing electricity.


TEENS - Pikachu (Mouse Pokémon)
: Stores electricity in its cheeks. Raises its tail to monitor surroundings and sometimes get struck by lightning in this pose.

Mouse Guard

ADULTS - Raichu (Mouse Pokémon)
: It's tail serves as a ground to protect itself from its high voltage power. Becomes feisty when electricity builds up.

The General Zapped An Angel


Evolution: Igglybuff > Jigglypuff > Wigglytuff

KIDS - Igglybuff (Balloon Pokémon)
: Has a soft body that is impossible to stop once it starts bouncing.

Freya & Zoose

TEENS - Jigglypuff (Balloon Pokémon)
: It sings a relaxing melody that will lull its enemies to sleep.

The Girl With the Red Balloon

ADULTS - Wigglytuff (Balloon Pokémon)
: Super soft fur and can suck in air and inflate itself to enormous size.

The Ice Balloon


Evolution: Mudkip > Marshtomp > Swampert

KIDS - Mudkip (Mud Fish Pokémon)
: Its fin senses movements in the water.


TEENS - Marshtop (Mud Fish Pokémon)
: Fast at traveling through mud with toughened hind legs.

The Line Tender

ADULTS - Swampert (Mud Fish Pokémon)
: Very strong with rock-hard arms. Powerful vision lets it see in murky water.

Why Fish Don't Exist


Evolution: Pidgey > Pidgeotto > Pidgeot

KIDS - Pidgey (Tiny Bird Pokémon)
: Dislikes fighting, will kick up sand to protect itself.

Birds of Paradise

TEENS - Pidgeotto (Bird Pokémon)
: Constantly flies around in search of prey. Can see movements of its prey from up high with its outstanding vision.

Ash Kickers

ADULTS - Pidgeot (Bird Pokémon)
: Can fly at Mach 2 speed and can can cause a windstorm by flapping its wings.

The Falcon Thief