We Dare You To Try These This Valentine’s Day 💗

Are you sick of traditional activities or date ideas for Valentines Day? Do you even like Valentine's Day? We dare you try these new and non-traditional activities whether you're single, celebrate "Galentines Day" or are totally in love.

*Although split into sections, anyone can try these activities no matter your relationship status*

For anyone really... Try these!

Pay it Forward

You never know what's going on in someone's life and sometimes paying for the next person in line can brighten their day. Maybe try it the next time you're visiting one of our cafes or when you're in the drive-thru. Share the love!

Attend a Random Concert You Know Nothing About

Seriously, go to Google, type in upcoming concerts and buying the cheapest tickets you find (or find a free event!) You'd be surprised, you may love the band or artist you stumble upon. 

Did you know we sometimes host free performances at the library? Come see the Denver Dolls on Valentines Day!

Order Whatever the Person In Front of You Ordered

Think of this as food roulette. Do this with friends, family or on your own. As a popular YouTube trend, opens a new window this idea is hilarious. You never know what you'll get but its a fun way to try new foods and lots of different fast food places for fun!

In a Relationship? Try These!

Blindfold Book/Movie Challenge

Need to spice up your book or movie choices? Head to the library, put on a blindfold and let your partner guide you to your next find. 

Instructions: Set your hand along a shelf, run it along slowly until your partner says to "STOP". Pick up the book or movie and that is the next book you'll read or movie you'll watch! 

Draw Dinner From a Jar

Leaving dinner to chance is actually REALLY fun. 

Instructions: Write down as many restaurants within a 15 min radius on small pieces paper (ranging from cheap to expensive). Try your best to include a wide variety and not to be picky when adding them. Fold them up and put them in a jar. Have someone draw out of the jar and that is where you have to go to dinner! Once you go rate your experience and maybe remove that restaurant from the jar for the future.

Fancy Recipe from a Cookbook

Skip the crazy restaurants on or around Valentine's Day! Randomly choose a cookbook from the library and randomly select a recipe (or a few) to cook at home! Check out some fancier cuisines or food from other countries to try out new foods. 

Need a little help finding a good cookbook?

Eating From Our Roots

Once Upon A Chef

Castle Rock Kitchen

Single? Try These!

Karaoke Woes

Had a recent break up or just not feeling the love? Grab your best pals and head to a local karaoke bar and sing out your woes at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS. People say music is therapeutic, right?

If you're feeling inspired, we dare you to put on some rad costumes to get more into the mood!

"Galentines" Dance Class

We're not talking about your traditional dance class, we're talking about something unique. Maybe try out an Aerial workout or would you fancy a Silent Disco? Have you heard of Boogie Bouncing? Or hula hooping?

It's all about getting out of your comfort zone and having a ball of a time!

Absolutely NO Valentines Day

It's okay, not everyone has to like the "season of love". So why not try heading the opposite direction? Watch your favorite horror film! 

Need some ideas on what to choose? Here are some lists with great loveless choices:

To Be Hunted...

Films for Friday The 13th!