What is BingGPT?

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BingGPT uses artificial intelligence to improve search results on Microsoft Edge by breaking down long question prompts to find keywords, ranking the results more effectively and providing the most up-to-date information. This search improvement is readily available for Windows 11, opens a new window users and can by accessed from the Bing homepage, opens a new window.

What does BingGPT mean?

Bing noun
  1. the search engine launched by the company Microsoft.

GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer)

  1.  Generates human-like texts based on a given text-based input. A user submits information, and the transformer provides coherent paragraph-based information that is extracted from publicly available datasets.

I asked BingGPT what it is. Here's BingGPT's response! 

BingGPT is a new feature of Bing that uses ChatGPT, opens a new window, a powerful natural language generation model, to provide human-like, concise, and structured responses to various queries and tasks. BingGPT is currently in early preview and requires the Edge Browser or the Bing mobile app to access.

I then asked BingGPT what resources provide the best introduction to BingGPT . Here's BingGPT 's response!

There are several resources that can provide a good introduction to BingGPT. You can check out the official BingGPT desktop application on GitHub. You can also read about BingGPT in articles such as the one on ITWire. Additionally, you can learn about the technology behind BingGPT by reading about ChatGPT, the natural language generation model that BingGPT uses.

At South by Southwest this year, OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman shared about the history of OpenAI, why companies are investing in artificial intelligence and how it can be used in surprising and positive ways.

To test drive BingGPT you will need to sign in to a Microsoft account. 

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