Would You Like to Present a Program?

The Programming Department supports the mission and goals of the Arapahoe Libraries by providing programs that are of current interest and cover a broad spectrum of topics and points of view.

As an effective mechanism for outreach and promotion, programs:

  • Contribute to Arapahoe Libraries' vision of a literate, informed and fulfilled community
  • Elevate the Arapahoe Libraries' profile in the community
  • Allow Arapahoe Libraries to collaborate with both groups and individuals
  • Attract regular and new patrons of all backgrounds
  • Highlight our collections

Programs must:

  • Support the Arapahoe Libraries' strategic goals of Building Community Connections and Empowerment through Literacy (know-how).
  • Be planned at least 8 months before the program date.
  • Programs that can be presented at multiple locations are preferred.