Arapahoe Library District Website Link Selection Policy

The Arapahoe Library District website is an important source of information for patrons, library staff and the general public. Based on the criteria listed below, staff, under the authority of the Library Director, is authorized to select and link to electronic resources, including but not limited to websites, that will be the most useful for users and which best augments the Library District’s print and media collections.

All new and/or existing links and electronic resources on the Library District website will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Useful sources of current, consistently maintained information well-suited to the interests and needs of our patrons.
  • Created by credible authors/producers.
  • Accessible free of charge to the user, unless specifically stated otherwise.
  • Well-organized, easily navigable and user friendly.
  • Value-added additions to the existing Library District collection.

Notwithstanding the above criteria, if challenged, the final determination regarding establishing or maintaining web links shall remain at the discretion of the Board of Trustees; nothing herein shall require the Library District to establish or maintain any web link.


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