Fines and Fees

It is the policy of the Arapahoe Library District to collect replacement charges for lost and/or damaged books.  Library staff has the authority to adjust or waive charges as appropriate.  We no longer assess late charges for overdue items as per the passing of the Fine Free Resolution by the Board of Trustees in April 2017.  The change in the overdue fine policy was implemented to eliminate any barriers for our patrons to use our libraries and to access the wealth of materials and resources available.  The elimination of overdue fines is another way to serve our community and encourage those who might not regularly use the library to stop by and experience what we have to offer. 

The District also reserves the right to assess fees for copies, printed pages, replacement of library cards, use of meeting rooms, returned checks, referral to a collection agency, and sale of selected items for patron use, including, but not limited to equipment, supplies and promotional materials.

Charges levied against ALD for obtaining materials from another institution will be passed on to the patron requesting the materials.

ADOPTED 2/2002
REVISED 3/2012
REVISED 3/2018

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