Freedom to Read

The Arapahoe Library District believes that a public library has a profound responsibility to enable its patrons to choose freely from a variety of diverse offerings.

It therefore affirms these propositions:

  • It is in the public interest to make available a diversity of views and expressions, including those which are unorthodox or unpopular with the majority.
  • Employees and Trustees of the Arapahoe Library District do not endorse every idea or presentation available in the district. No one employee or trustee may establish his or her own political, moral or aesthetic views as a standard for determining what should be purchased or circulated.
  • The Arapahoe Library District does not bar access to writings on the basis of the personal history, race, nationality, sex, age, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religion of the author.
  • The Arapahoe Library District does not label or characterize information provided to the public.
  • The Arapahoe Library District provides a forum for a diversity of ideas. Therefore, although it is always willing to listen to the opinions of others, it does not endorse censorship and does not permit individuals or groups to impose their own standards or tastes upon the community at large.

This policy is based on the 2000 joint statement of the American Library Association and the Association of American Publishers.

REVISED 5/2021

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