Performance Measurement

It is the policy of the Arapahoe Library District to develop and use meaningful performance measures that identify financial and program results, assess past program performance, and facilitate program and service delivery improvements for future years. Performance measures must clearly communicate how well the Library District has achieved its objectives within its financial resources.

Performance measures must meet the following criteria:

  • Be based on goals and objectives;
  • Be monitored and used in decision-making processes;
  • Be reliable, valid, verifiable, and understandable;
  • Be reported internally and externally;
  • Measure effectiveness, efficiency, and service delivery;
  • Measure program results;
  • Provide an efficient and meaningful way to address the effectiveness, efficiency, and service delivery of key programs; and,
  • Provide a basis for comparisons over time.

Standards established to guide the collection of statistics will be followed district-wide in order to compile the most consistent, meaningful data.

ADOPTED Oct 2006

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