The Programming policy of the Arapahoe Library District supports the mission and goals of the District to provide programs that are current and cover a broad spectrum of topics and points of view. Program themes flow from the Arapahoe Library District strategic plan. As an effective mechanism for outreach and promotion, programs: 1) contribute to the library’s vision of a literate, informed and fulfilled community; 2) elevate the library’s profile in the community; 3) allow the library to forge partnerships with both groups and individuals; 4) attract regular and new users of all backgrounds, and 5) highlight collections.

The Arapahoe Library District entrusts the selection, implementation and cancellation of programs to designated staff members. It is understood that such trust is a specific delegation of authority from the Executive Director, who retains ultimate responsibility to the Board of Trustees for the overall operation of the Library District.

The Arapahoe Library District regards its programs as a totality, distributed among various library facilities and virtually, and developed to meet the needs of the Library District’s community while striving to be responsive to the specific needs of its communities.

The Arapahoe Library District supports free and open access to information and ideas as stated in the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to View policies of the American Library Association. (Refer to E-3, Library Bill of Rights and E-5, Freedom to View).

ADOPTED October 2006
DIRECTOR REVIEW September 2012
REVISED April 2022

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