Public Relations

It is the policy of the Arapahoe Library District to maintain an open, honest and timely program of public information designed to build a positive, long term relationship with the public and to create a climate of mutual trust, respect, courtesy and integrity.

In recognition of this policy, the District shall strive to:

  • Create and maintain an organizational environment that fosters an honest, candid exchange of information among the staff, the public and the Board of Trustees on all issues of interest or concern.
  • Conduct ongoing marketing programs which seek and analyze the public's opinions and attitudes about issues that may impact, for good or ill, the operations and plans of the District.
  • Enact policies, make decisions and plans, and initiate courses of action which take into account the public's concerns and the District's social and civic responsibilities. Publicize these to the public in a prompt, clear and accurate manner.
  • Provide a timely information/communication program that offers opportunities and encourages the public to learn about, contribute to, and participate in the activities and services of the District.
  • Develop methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the public relations efforts on an ongoing basis.


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