Soliciting, Fundraising, Petitioning, Campaigning and Other Free Speech Activities on Library Property

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Solicitation, advertising, promotion, vending, peddling or product sampling is not allowed. The Library District prohibits all such activities on library property, as it may interfere with the use or enjoyment of the library by library patrons. The Arapahoe Library District does not endorse, sponsor or support products, services, persons or groups unless related to library service or management.

The Library occasionally receives requests from patrons or staff to conduct or endorse fundraising events or to provide public space for donation collection boxes. Arapahoe Library District does not sponsor nor endorse the fundraising activities of other organizations, although periodically branch libraries may cooperate with local community charitable groups or service clubs to support community endeavors. Staff fund raising activities directed solely at staff may be conducted in staff offices or lunch areas.

All ALD fundraising will be conducted under the auspices/permission of the Library Foundation. Ideas and suggestions should be sent to the Executive Director.

Arapahoe Library District offers a limited public forum for free speech activities. In order to ensure normal operations of the library, we enforce the below guidelines related to free speech activities on our property:

Free speech activities are allowed on Arapahoe Library District property in designated areas at a time, place and in a manner approved by the Executive Director or designee.

Free speech activities include, but are not limited to petitioning, leafleting and/or campaign activities. Library walkways and grounds outside library buildings provide appropriate public places for the exercise of the right of free speech, provided the activity does not create a dangerous condition, interfere with access and use of the library, damage property or create unnecessary maintenance expense for the library.

Those exercising their free speech rights may not engage in the following activities or actions. Violations may result in the revocation of the right to utilize library property:

  • Hindering, impeding or blocking the passage of library patrons, employees or visitors;
  • Continuing to impose upon, follow, shout at or against, mark for approach by others or otherwise press an issue after having been advised of the patron’s, employee’s or visitor’s lack of interest or opposing viewpoint and desire to be left alone;
  • Surrounding or making serial approaches to a patron, employee or visitor;
  • Inciting or promoting arguments with or among library patrons, employees or visitors;
  • Inciting or promoting imminent acts of violence;
  • Presenting, imposing or otherwise impressing upon patrons, employees or visitors obscene materials or materials, photographs or demonstrative exhibits generally offensive in the community; or
  • Failure to abide by the time, place and manner of restrictions imposed by the Library.
  • Public solicitation of funds is not allowed on library property.
  • Promotion of for-profit programs, services or goods is not allowed on library property.
  • Hindering, impeding, or blocking access to ballot drop boxes.

Those exercising free speech rights will limit their numbers to two individuals and shall remain on exterior walkways or grounds. As library settings vary, library managers will determine available areas that are appropriate for the exercise of such rights at each location. Diagrams are available for this purpose at each location owned by the Arapahoe Library District.

All free speech areas are void and nullified for seven days (168 hours) leading up to election day, and through election day. Election days include general elections, primaries, and special elections.

Davies and Southglenn libraries are in premises not owned by the Library District and as such are subject to the policies of the property owners.

Unmanned campaign posters, banners, yard signs and other outdoor displays (not sponsored by the Library District) shall not be posted, exhibited or left anywhere on Library District property. Such displays will be removed without notice and disposed of by library personnel.

The Arapahoe Library District will provide limited election table space in each of its public libraries for the display of campaign materials related to candidates or issues in local and national elections. Community Bulletin Boards may not be used for this purpose.

Such information is part of the reference service provided by the Arapahoe Library District. It does not constitute an endorsement by the library district.

The Arapahoe Library District welcomes the opportunity to serve as an election polling place. If an election table is within 100 feet of the room in which the election is held or is adjacent to where electors walk to an interior polling place, it will be moved or removed in compliance with Colorado statute § C.R.S. 1-5-105(1).

The Library District or other organizations/individuals may schedule political programs or debates to help inform voters about issues or candidates in an election. Appropriate campaign material literature may be distributed by the program/debate participants as part of the program or debate.

ADOPTED 9/2002
REVISED 3/2004
REVISED 9/2008
REVISED 9/2010
REVISED 9/2018
REVISED 11/2018
REVISED 1/2019
REVISED 5/2024

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