Volunteers Policy

It is the policy of the Arapahoe Library District to utilize volunteers from our community to enhance the services and programs we offer and support the Library District’s ability to provide outstanding and personalized service.

Volunteers will be unpaid, part time contributors. They will not supplant or displace established staff positions. Arapahoe Library District staff will not be utilized as volunteers except as authorized by Volunteer Coordinator or Executive Director.

Recognizing the value of volunteers, the Library District will strive to offer each volunteer a positive and consistent experience by:

  • Identifying meaningful volunteer opportunities and matching them, as much as possible, with the talents, experience and interests of the volunteer
  • Entering a mutual agreement whereby the needs and expectations of both parties are clearly communicated and agreed upon
  • Officially accepting and establishing a working relationship with volunteers before their assignment begins
  • Offering task specific training so that volunteers understand their unique contribution and are prepared to succeed
  • Giving periodic (constructive) feedback on the performance of assigned tasks
  • Receiving periodic feedback from volunteers on their experience and work environment
  • Regularly recognizing volunteer contributions

The Library District will conduct background checks on all adult volunteers.

ADOPTED Jul 1976
REVISED Mar 1999, Oct 2007, Oct 2012

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