Wage and Salary Policy

It is the policy of the Arapahoe Library District to pay competitive wages and salaries in order to attract, motivate, reward, and retain staff.

Specific objectives:

  • Equitably compensate employees in relation to other jobs performed in the District.
  • Compensate employees at a level competitive with wages and salaries paid by other employers in the industry and the Front Range region
  • Recognize individual and team contributions with increases in pay.
  • Provide the public and staff with easily understandable information about how salaries are determined.

The Executive Director or designee will formulate, recommend, and implement a program that achieves the policy and specific objectives within the financial resources available.  The Board may annually review the program for financial feasibility and to assure that the program continues to support District objectives.

ADOPTED April 2000
REVIEWED June 2006
REVISED December 2012, January 2022

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